Tantric Massage – Awakening the Goddess

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a full-body sensual massage with oil that awakens your body, releases emotions and heals the connection between heart and sexuality. It’s a chance to feel adored, honoured and loved without any agenda. An opportunity to discover your beauty and inner power.

It is a heart-connected celebration of your femininity. The aim is to relax you completely, awaken your erotic energy and allow that energy to flow through your whole body. And as that energy flows it takes you on a journey of bliss to higher states of consciousness and to discover who you really are. A possibility to awaken the goddess within.

I offer authentic tantric massage sessions in London.

What are the benefits of a tantric massage?

A tantric massage can:

  • Reduce emotional stress
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Revitalise your love life
  • Reduce anxiety, shame, and feelings of shutdown
  • Increase body confidence
  • Connect you to pleasure and love as part of your everyday life
  • Open you to spiritual experiences

What makes a massage tantric?

The term tantric massage is now commonly used to mean a sensual massage with a “happy ending”. And sensual massage can be a fantastic to explore sexuality and orgasms. However, in contrast, an authentic tantric massage will:

  • Have an aspiration to bring you closer to your true self, or to the divine
  • Have a high degree of presence and consciousness, both in you and from your practitioner
  • Transform sexual energy into erotic energy, which is an energy that flows towards the heart and love
  • Be filled with transfiguration, which means sensing through surface appearances to find the deeper truth and beauty

By experiencing these qualities in the massage, and with a practitioner who has cultivated these qualities, you’ll find the same qualities available to you more and more in other aspects of your life.

You’ll know if the massage is authentically tantric if it feels like a ritual of love. If it feels like the man you are with utterly adores you and his only desire is to see the deep beauty of your soul.

“The very basis of Tantra is the Motherhood of God and the glorification of woman. Every part of a woman’s body is to be regarded as incarnate Divinity.”
Sri Ramakrishna

What happens in a tantric massage session?

In the tantric massage, we’ll start with a ritual to connect us to our highest selves and create a heart connection. Based on your preferences, we might include tantric eye-gazing, holding hands on each other’s hearts, or adorning each other with drops of blessed water to purify ourselves. These elements create positive emotional and energetic states that we can amplify in the massage.

The massage begins with you laying on your front. I’ll gently place my hand on your back at the level of the heart so you can feel the safety and love present and necessary for this nurturing experience. With gentle strokes, I’ll aim to help your body relax, and your inner energy can naturally stir. Generally the touch is slow, drawing your attention to the point of contact on your body so you can truly feel and experience that connection.

During the massage I aim to have a state of adoration and bring consciousness to what’s beautiful in every aspect of your body, energy and being. There may be moments where I hold you in a quiet embrace to allow you to simply be with your energy and the experience of being adored and held.

At the half way point, I’ll invite your to turn over and receive touch on the front of your body. The aim is to massage every part of your body, respecting any boundaries we’ve agreed beforehand. If you’ve asked for a yoni massage as part of the session, I would check if that still felt right for you and then begin the yoni massage.

As you might now imagine, slowly caressing every part of your body with love is not to be rushed, and so the massage is two hours minimum and more usually three or even four hours.

As the massage ends, you’ll have time to relax and integrate the experience. Then we’ll take a moment of gratitude or short meditation to integrate your energies at a higher level, nurturing and further awakening your feminine qualities so they can manifest in your life after the massage.

How does energy move in a tantric massage?

As your energies naturally awaken, I’ll use caresses and loving touch to amplify and balance the energies throughout your whole body.

I may press into pressure points on your body, which can unblock energy channels. And you may notice me using pressure or movements on the physical locations of your chakras; these can unlock energies and help energy to flow through your body.

I’ll encourage upward movement of sexual or kundalini energy from your yoni or base of your spine, and, in particular, I’ll encourage that to flow to your heart.

It is possible that your body might want to move or shake if there is a lot of energy, and you can allow that movement – it is usually a sign of the energy clearing and unblocking things in your body.

You can actively encourage this unlocking and flow of energy with your intention, relaxation and enjoyment, which creates a beautiful partnership of masculine consciousness and feminine energy flow.

What does a tantric massage feel like?

A tantric massage does not feel like a traditional massage. At a physical level it will feel deeply relaxing and often you’ll feel beautiful, pleasurable tingling or vibrations moving through your body. At the emotional level, magic can happen and you can feel deeply loved and cared for. You can feel utterly beautiful and valued as the extraordinary woman you really are. And at a spiritual level, shifts can happen that means this kind of experience starts to be how you are in life – a more awakened, vibrant woman, filled with love and energy.

Even if you’ve chose to include a yoni massage, the tantric massage won’t usually feel sexual, instead feeling deeply loving and nurturing. There isn’t a goal of an orgasm, although orgasms can happen. And yet it can feel more ecstatically pleasurable than anything you’ve previously experienced.

I felt so honoured, seen and safe. I felt incredible. I still can’t get over the warm waves of sensation in my body. I can’t believe the change: this morning I woke so calm. I’m holding myself with compassion. I feel like a woman that is worthy of love.


A strong conscious masculine can hold difficult energy

As your femininity truly awakens, the obstacles that block you can appear. Old emotions or memories, numbness, fears, grief, anger could all appear.

As a tantric man, my role is to hold a space where whatever comes is accepted. I’ll support you through whatever comes, and lovingly steer the energies in a positive and higher direction. On the other side of these obstacles is freedom and a deep connection to your true self.

My aim is to perceive you with such adoration that it awakens your sensuality, creativity, freedom, and power. When modern life inhibits the feminine and makes her small or tells her she’s “too much”, the tantric man’s deepest desire is to give her the space where she can be in full, powerful expression of her soul.

Is a tantric massage right for me?

You might have some some concerns or fears about having a tantric massage. You might feel you’re too old, or you’re not comfortable about your body. You might feel you’re not allowed to have pleasure or attention that’s all about you. Those are actually good reasons to go ahead with the massage. To challenge those beliefs and discover you are still young, you are beautiful, you are allowed to enjoy pleasure and attention. You can discover who you are when you’re free of what’s keeping you small.

I hold a safe, loving space and accept you just the way you are. I’ve worked with women in their 60s. I’ve worked with people of all shapes and sizes. I’ve adored birthmarks and scars. I’ve always found the beauty in the women I’ve worked with.

And if the experience seems daunting, we can take small steps or customise what happens to make sure you are comfortable and within the boundaries of what you’d like to happen. For example, you might prefer to start with some Sexological Bodywork sessions where you can be fully clothed and explore touch in a more controlled way.

You might like to read my article “Considering a Tantric or Yoni Massage – 11 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself?” and consider the questions there. And there are lots of detail in that article about practices we can do to work towards a tantric massage if you don’t feel ready yet.

I’ve worked across the whole spectrum of possibilities of touch: from women who are scared to even notice their bodies or experience the smallest touch, through to women whose bodies become so alive they feel they are connected to God. Wherever you are on that continuum, we can find a comfortable, enjoyable experience to begin your journey to discover what’s possible for you.

Does a tantric massage include a yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a specific type of conscious touch for the vulva and vagina. It is often a part of a tantric massage, but it doesn’t need to be.

Tantric massage creates a deep relaxation and an openness to energy flows. It also creates the safety that is necessary for healing and transformational effects. When you add a yoni massage, you are including a huge source of energy. The tantric massage amplifies the effects of the yoni massage. And the yoni massage amplifies the effects of the tantric massage. Together they create an amazing opportunity for healing and spiritual experiences.

However, a yoni massage must only happen with your full consent: both at the beginning of the session and at the moment just before the yoni massage begins.

A yoni massage is not something that is “done to you” – it can only happen when you are fully present and ready mentally, emotionally and energetically with your whole body. And if it doesn’t feel right for you in the moment, then any reputable practitioner will stop immediately and engage in supporting your needs in that moment.

Your safety and boundaries are top priority

If you choose a tantric or yoni massage, then from the first moment we meet, I will treat you with sensitivity and respect.

We’ll talk about what you’d like to happen and whether there are any particular issues you would like to work on. We’ll talk about how the massage works and about your boundaries and how we maintain them at all times. This is your experience and you are in total control of what’s happening at all times.

Keeping you safe, and alternatives

A tantric massage is a deep and often intense experience. So, as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I’ll be assessing how suitable it is for you.

To keep you safe and able to benefit fully from the experience, I might suggest we do some preparatory work beforehand, such as consent exercises or body-awareness practices, to help you have a safer, deeper experience of your body. You can find out more in my article “Considering a Tantric or Yoni Massage – 11 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself?

Tantric massage is very different to Sexological Bodywork. However, there are Sexological Bodywork practices, such as active receiving and vulva mapping, that have many of the benefits of tantric massage. These practices have explicit communication and checking on embodied consent, and so can be a better starting place if you have issues with knowing and communicating your boundaries, or have trauma in your history. And, after those practices, then you might feel ready for Tantric massage and experiencing the deeper emotional and energetic benefits.

Why do I offer tantric massages?

My experience of giving tantric massage has been profound. I’ve had to step up to meet the power of the feminine and to hold the darkness that so often needs to be cleared. I’ve enhanced my presence, my intuition, and my ability to see the beauty that is often deeply hidden.

Seeing the women I’ve helped step into life with more self-confidence, freedom and radiating their beautiful qualities is utterly inspiring in my life. And my desire to see more of that in the world led me to qualify as a Sexological Bodyworker and train in trauma resolution so I can be of even more service to freeing powerful, authentic femininity into the world.

Tantric massage for women in London

I provide authentic tantric massage sessions in London. I specialise in helping women who want to reconnect to their body and eroticism, particularly after difficult relationships or sexual or emotional trauma.

I am trauma-informed and also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means I can help you make sure tantric massage is right for you and support you if you unlock trauma as part of the process. I am on an ongoing tantric spiritual journey and have a daily practice, so I can support the deeper spiritual aspects of these sessions.

And if tantric massage is not right for you now or you’d like to take smaller steps first, I have a range of ways of working from talking-based explorations through to sexological bodywork practices.

Whatever your aspirations, I’d love to have a friendly chat to discover what’s possible for you.

– Paul

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