What is a Yoni Massage?

What is a yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a specific type of conscious touch for the vulva and vagina. Some people call it a vagina massage. The intention is to heal pain or trauma, and open possibilities of pleasure and a connection to your authentic femininity.

Yoni massage involves a specific touch and technique from the practitioner. That touch can heal emotional and traumatic pain and numbness. And as you connect more to your pleasure and feminine energy, it can give you access to spiritual experiences, and allow you to bring your creative erotic energies into all aspects of your life.

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit word meaning “the source” or “the womb”. It specifically means the vulva, vagina, and uterus. And it encompasses all that is powerful and divine about the feminine and her creativity.

Many western words for female sexual organs are cold and medical, or crude and sexual. So, many people adopt the word yoni to reclaim the positive power of female eroticism.

I offer yoni massage sessions in London.

What are the benefits of a yoni massage?

For women who are experiencing problems with sex, a yoni or vagina massage can:

  • Get rid of pain and discomfort during sex, including vaginismus
  • Release emotional blocks
  • Heal past trauma or abuse held in your yoni
  • Let you discover what is deeply pleasurable for you
  • Be the gateway to spiritual experiences

The yoni massage achieves these benefits by:

  • Awakening sensitivity in your yoni
  • Building conscious awareness of the entire space of your yoni
  • Teaching your yoni how to relax tensions, and be in its natural flow of inner movement
  • Creating a nurturing erotic energy
  • Connecting the erotic energy to your heart, love, and beyond

Vulva and vagina mapping

The fundamental process in yoni massage is what, in Sexological Bodywork, we call “mapping”. In yoni massage, you develop a conscious “map” of your vulva and vagina.

Over time, you learn to distinguish touch, for example, at different depths in your vagina, at the front, back or sides, at different points around your clitoris, on your labia, and so on. And you get more precise in what you can notice. And you learn where you most enjoy touch and what kinds of touch you most like.

The different types of yoni massage

You might think there is just one kind of yoni massage, but it varies a lot depending on what you’d like to achieve. Here are some variations:

A practitioner guides you in how to map your yoni by touching yourself
A practitioner touches you, although you still guide that touch
Mindful Mapping
Methodically mapping all the vulva and vagina to discover what’s there. Just being with the sensations, whether they are painful, numb or pleasurable
Healing Mapping
Mapping the vulva and vagina to find numb and painful points. Releasing the tensions, traumas, and potentially associated memories and emotions
Pleasure Mapping
Mapping the vulva and vagina to find what’s most pleasurable and expand that pleasure
Orgasm exploration
Touch to learn how to experience different kinds of orgasm and female ejaculation
Tantric Yoni Massage
Yoni massage incorporated into a tantric massage. Here you can move the energy of arousal and pleasure in your yoni out to your entire body so you can experience full-body orgasms and spiritual experiences. It connects sex to the heart and love. It’s an opportunity to discover just how powerful and beautiful you are as a woman.

How to do a basic vulva and vagina mapping

Vulva and vagina mapping is a Sexological Bodywork practice where you or your practitioner methodically touch your vulva and vagina in a structured way. The practice builds neural pathways, so you become more consciously aware of different parts of your vulva and vagina. You learn where feels good, where doesn’t, where tensions are, and what kind of touch you like.

The simplest touch is placing a hand over your vulva without moving. You might also try having a finger over the entrance of your vagina, but with no intention of going inside.

As you explore different touch, you might choose to go “round the clock”, placing a touch at “12 o’clock”, “1 o’clock” and so on, starting outside the vagina and then (if comfortable) at different depths inside the vagina.

With every touch, you stop and mindfully notice the effects of the touch. You might also alter the touch – for example, more or less pressure, or to make a slight vibration or circular motion.

You may have heard about other similar practices, but be aware that Sexological Bodywork has a strong code of ethics, a professional body and a foundation of consent and empowerment that keeps you as in control and safe as possible when doing such intimate practices.

What are the benefits of mapping the vulva and vagina?

Mapping develops your conscious awareness of your vulva and vagina. It helps you release tensions and pain, and discover what is pleasurable. You’ll also connect to your “emotional brain” so you can discover where your vagina is “storing” emotions or reactions.

Often, as you discover tensions, pains or stored emotions, simply the act of keeping touch and attention on that sensation is enough to release them. And in this way, and in conjunction with other somatic practices, you can heal trauma, and conditions such as vaginismus.

Vagina mapping also helps you develop awareness of what is pleasurable. With practice, your entire vagina can become a source of a pleasure, turning sex into a wonderful exploration of sensation that can bring deep satisfaction and connection.

Are you ready for a yoni massage?

A yoni massage is an intimate and often emotional experience. And you might feel quite nervous about booking for a yoni massage. It’s extremely normal. And there’s no obligation to have a vaginal massage in the first session. We can take small steps or customise what happens to make sure you are comfortable. The first steps might not involve touch at all, as we establish safety, trust and boundaries.

You might like to read my article “Considering a Tantric or Yoni Massage – 11 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself?” and consider the questions there. And there are lots of detail in that article about practices we can do to work towards a yoni massage if you don’t feel ready yet.

You might feel you’re too old for a yoni massage, or you’re not comfortable about your body. You might feel you’re not allowed to have pleasure, especially not sexual pleasure. You might feel fears or discomfort because of things that have happened to you sexually in the past. Those are actually good reasons to experience a yoni massage. To challenge those beliefs and discover your body is yours. You are allowed to enjoy pleasure and attention. You can free yourself from trauma and pain.

Preparing for a yoni massage

A vaginal massage must never be something that is “done to you”. It can only happen when you are fully present and ready mentally and emotionally. So, you might benefit from a few preparatory sessions learning how to notice your body mindfully. It’s important to be able to notice what your body wants and doesn’t want. I do some wonderful exercises based on Wheel of Consent that are a very safe, structured way to prepare for intimate touch.

It’s extremely important that you have full control over any genital touch, particularly if you have sexual trauma in your history. Control includes being able to tell your practitioner what’s good for you and what you don’t want to happen. And it also includes not overriding yourself. For example, not pushing yourself into the experience because you want to heal, when your body isn’t yet ready. I will make sure you have full control in your experiences.

When you have full control over your yoni massage, it’s incredibly empowering to direct your own experience. Particularly if your sexuality has been limited, controlled or taken away by other people in the past.

Your safety and boundaries are top priority

A yoni massage is an intimate and often emotional experience. So, I’ll help you judge how suitable it is for you.

We always stay within the boundaries of what you’d like to happen. As a sexological bodyworker, I operate under strict protocols for consent, boundaries, hygiene and physical safety. So you are literally in safe hands.

We’ll talk about what you’d like to happen and whether there are any particular issues you would like to work on. We’ll talk about how the massage works and about your boundaries and how we maintain them at all times. This is your experience and you are in total control of what’s happening at all times.

To keep you safe and able to benefit fully from the experience, I’ll help you choose any preparatory work beforehand. You might choose consent exercises or body-awareness practices, to help you have a safer, deeper experience of your body.

What happens in a yoni massage session?

In the session, we’ll talk through the benefits you are hoping to get from a yoni massage. You’ll choose the kind of yoni massage you would like and we’ll check it is something your body would like in that moment. We won’t do the massage just because you booked the session – if it’s not right for you in the moment, we’ll find something else wonderful to do instead.

You can choose some exercises to relax your body. And if the massage involves internal (vaginal) mapping, we’ll discuss activities that will help you become aroused. You typically need around 30 minutes of arousing stimulation for your vagina to engorge fully with blood and lubricate, so you might choose some sensual conscious touch or massage to prepare. You are always at choice, so together we’ll find something that will work for you.

After the mapping, we’ll have time to integrate the experiences and reflect on what you’ve learned.

If you’d like to know more, you can read an experience report from one of my clients who wrote about her experiences of a yoni mapping session.

Yoni massage in London

I provide yoni massage sessions in London. I specialise in helping women who want to reconnect to their body and eroticism, particularly after difficult relationships or sexual or emotional trauma.

I am trauma-informed and also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which means I can help you make sure yoni massage is right for you and support you if you unlock trauma as part of the process. I am on an ongoing tantric spiritual journey and have a daily practice, so I can support the deeper spiritual aspects of these sessions.

And if yoni massage is not right for you now or you’d like to take smaller steps first, I have a range of ways of working from talking-based explorations through to sexological bodywork practices.

Whatever your aspirations, I’d love to have a friendly chat to discover what’s possible for you.

– Paul

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