Supervision for Sexuality Professionals

Who Am I?

I’m Paul. I’ve been supervising coaches, bodyworkers and other professionals for over 10 years. I’m certified in Sexological Bodywork, Clean Language and also trained in Somatic Trauma Therapy. I’m a certified Clean Language Trainer and Assessor.

I’m part of the training faculty for The Institue for Relational Harmony Studies and The School of Somatic Sexology. I also train coaches, therapists and sexological bodyworkers in Clean Language and Embodiment as part of the Clean Change Community, which I founded.

And what I love about supervision, is seeing you flourish and grow and making the difference you want to make to your clients and to the world.

What is Supervision?

Supervision is a dedicated time for in-depth reflection, where you can explore your professional work, facilitated by someone experienced in your field. Supervision offers a confidential framework, a collaborative working relationship and a safe, caring container in which you can explore your practice, process, emotions and challenges. The primary aim of supervision is to increase your competency, confidence and creativity so you can be of most service to your clients. Supervision is not a ‘policing’ role; it’s a supportive, caring professional relationship.

What’s the cost?

My default is to charge the same as you do. We take your usual session price and use the same hourly rate for our supervision sessions. This means I can meet you where you are: whether you have a successful practice with well-paying clients, or you work with disadvantaged clients, or you are just starting your business. I hope this is a fair approach, and I’m open to other agreements about pricing sessions.

What can happen in supervision?

Self & Skills

Professional development
Identify areas for growth and plan how to expand your knowledge and skills, and integrate them into your practice.

Practice with feedback
Practice with me in a safe space and get in-the-moment feedback and a chance to reflect.

Personal triggers and self-care
Explore ways to manage your state in sessions, and to look after your emotional well-being.

Clients & Sessions

Learn from successes
Discuss specific cases that have worked well. Become aware of your hidden skills and use them more.

Client dynamics
Explore ways to enhance communication, address power differentials, and create a safe, supportive environment for clients.

Professional challenges and boundaries
Find solutions for complex situations or uncertainties you’re facing, such as client resistance, sensitive topics, or managing boundaries and expectations.

Meaning & Purpose

Making a difference
Explore who you are as a practitioner and the difference you make in the world. Bring alignment to your clients, work and purpose in life.

Consider how you bring your work to clients, how to find clients, how to create a business that balances finances, your purpose and your skills.

Contact me


Just give me a call on 07961 391 468. This is good for a quicker chat about what you’d like, or to book a session.


You can chat to me on WhatsApp. This is great for asking a few questions or booking a session.


Send me a message using my web form and I will answer your questions by email.