Sexological Bodywork Sessions for Women in London and Online

Sexological Bodywork is a professional, structured way to solve sexual problems and explore new body experiences. It can ranges from talking-only to hands-on bodywork, with you choosing and being completely in control of what happens at all times.

I offer Sexological Bodywork sessions in London and online. You can find out more in these articles:

Is this right for you?

I know it can be a big step to make contact. Some of my clients waited weeks or even months to reach out to me. It’s completely normal to feel unsure or nervous.

Our first step is just a friendly chat on zoom. I’ll set aside an hour to talk, but you can take less time if you’d like. It’s a chance to ask whatever you like about sessions, what’s possible and about me personally. I’ll ask a few questions about what you’d like and what’s happened on your journey. You only share what you want to and then I can give you some ideas of what you could choose to do in sessions.  And if you have your own ideas, that’s even better.

After that, it’s completely your choice if you’d like to try a session – you can take as long as you like to decide, there’s no pressure. And no need to commit to multiple sessions. We take it one step at a time, you can come into the work as slowly and gently as you need to, and you can just “dip your toe in the water” to start with, if that’s what you’d like.

If you’re interested to know more, just click the button to go to my booking system and schedule in an hour to talk.

Who am I?

I'm Paul and I've been on a 20-year journey of self-development, constantly learning to be a better man. On that path, I've qualified in coaching and "talking" therapies, I journey into my spiritual self through classical Tantra and Yoga, and I teach others the tools that helped me.

Along the way, many powerful women have helped me  - women who saw the best in me, women who challenged me to become a better man, women who shared their knowledge and gifts with me and women who trusted me with deep vulnerabilities. Thanks to them, I'm becoming the man I want to be.

On that journey, I met one incredible woman who was recovering from sexual assault. She allowed me to hold space for her and, in that space, I learnt both the terrible ongoing effects of assault and the incredible courage and determination of the women who overcome it. She inspired me to learn more, so I qualified in Sexological Bodywork, so I could work with consent, sexuality and the body in a trauma-informed way. She showed me that this is the most meaningful work I could be doing. And, as she put it, "sometimes the damage done by men needs to be undone with a man"

Member of Trusted Bodywork
Certified Sexuality and Relationship Expert