Healing Yoni Massage Sessions for Women in London

A yoni massage is a specific type of conscious touch for the vulva and vagina. It can heal emotional and traumatic pain and numbness. And a yoni massage allows you to discover your unique ways of experiencing pleasure.

I offer healing yoni massage therapy in London. There are several kinds of massage and they can all be tailored to suit your needs. You can find out more in this article:

When you’re ready, simply book a free, friendly chat to talk to me on zoom and find out what’s possible. No pressure, no obligation. I’d love to meet you.

“The most touching element of the healing process for me: to be able to have the trust to simply surrender to another person’s touch and know that the only intention they have is to help you heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Paul is incredibly sensitive, patient and loving”


“I felt this amazing warm glow expand from my pelvis and filled my entire body. It was the most pleasurable and beautiful feeling I had ever experienced and it seem to last for hours. For days afterwards everything in the world looked more beautiful, and I felt so much more alive”


I'm Paul and I help women reconnect to their body and sexuality, particularly after sexual or emotional trauma or difficult relationships with men. I hold a safe, loving space for you to rediscover your  body, desires and sexuality, entirely at your own pace, using coaching, embodiment and bodywork practices.

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What do yoni massage sessions cost?

Our first friendly chat is free.

Sessions cost £100/hour. However this work is a calling for me and I don’t want it to be out-of-reach of those who need it, so I offer some “pay what you can afford” places. If you’d like that option, just start with our friendly chat and we’ll find something that works for you.

How long are yoni massage sessions?

Yoni massage sessions are usually 90mins to 2 hours.

Whereabouts can we do sessions?

I usually work from a space in North London. I can also potentially travel to you if you are in or near London. For people further afield we've made arrangements such as longer sessions, or sessions on consecutive days, while they visit friends.

What else do I need to know about yoni massage sessions?

You are always in control of the experience and you don’t have to have a yoni massage in the first session. We can work towards it with consent and conscious touch exercises first. These let you build confidence in me and the experience, while exploring your boundaries, your pleasure and what blocks you. Particularly when healing from trauma, it’s important that you heal at your own pace, connected to the needs of your body and listening to any resistance.

You can find out more by reading my article What is a Yoni Massage?

Whenever you’re ready, book a free, friendly chat with me and we can get to know each other and whether this therapy is a good fit for you.

“I so appreciated the space to explore and experience myself from an internal perspective – this is something I have not been able to do on my own, and it has been very valuable. Paul held the space beautifully over our ten sessions.”


“Paul is a true professional. Two factors, above other wonderful skills, means he is someone I would go back to again and recommend to others with no hesitation. One, is Paul’s ability to tailor the sessions to what is present in the moment and let it take its ramifications wherever it goes, discreetly facilitating the process so the path reveals itself to you. Second, is Paul’s incredible ability to safely hold the space: what sometimes feels difficult to hold, with Paul is possible.”


It’s normal to be nervous taking the first step…

I know it can be a big step to make contact. Some of my clients waited weeks or even months to reach out to me. It’s completely normal to feel unsure or nervous. My role is to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Our first step is simply a friendly chat on zoom. It’s a chance to ask whatever you like about what’s possible, what happens in sessions and about me personally. It’s free, and, after that, it’s completely your choice if you’d like to try a session. You can take as long as you like to decide, there’s no pressure. And no need to commit to multiple sessions. We take it one step at a time, you can come into the work as slowly and gently as you need to, and you can just “dip your toe in the water” to start with, if that’s what you’d like.

If you’re interested to know more, just use the button to go to my booking system and schedule in an hour to talk.

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