Ethics and Boundaries

As a certified professional, I work with a code of ethics. I am a professional member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB) and many of my sessions are sexological bodywork sessions, so I abide by their code of ethics for those sessions. However, I offer some Tantric Massage and Yoni Massage sessions that have broader boundaries, and so I turn to the ASIS code of ethics to guide me in those. I have a few additional boundaries and standards of my own. Here is a summary of the ethics that are important to me:


Safety and Wellbeing

  • My main goal is your well-being and personal growth during our sessions
  • I will engage you in ongoing consent before and during any touch or bodywork. You can pause, modify, or stop at any time
  • Any touch is for your learning and growth, always respecting your boundaries
  • I ensure hygiene and safety, particularly during touch that involves bodily fluids or sensitive areas


  • Your privacy is crucial, and I respect and protect all information shared during our sessions
  • Any records are kept confidential and secure

Professional Conduct

  • I have extensive training and experience
  • I commit to ongoing learning to provide a high-quality service that meets your needs
  • I will clearly explain the methods, benefits, and limitations of anything we do so you can make informed choices
  • I avoid conflicts of interest and do not exploit clients for personal or financial gain
  • I seek advice from colleagues if I feel unprepared to meet your needs. If I can’t meet your needs, I will provide referrals
  • I follow up with supervision and guidance if any boundary concerns arise

Respect and Integrity

  • I value your consent, agency, and choice in all our sessions, explaining options for your active participation
  • I communicate openly about any concerns or changes in our sessions, ensuring a transparent and trusting relationship
  • I aim to create an environment of safety, trust and empowerment
  • I aim to model clear communication and boundary setting


  • I focus on education, personal growth, and improved wellbeing. I do not provide medical treatment, medical diagnostics or psychotherapy.
  • I do not have sex with clients, or form romantic relationships with clients
  • I will be clothed, unless you explicitly ask for body-to-body work in a tantric massage session
  • You may touch me, but not sexually. Examples of touch that is OK are: hugs and embraces, hand on heart, holding my hand for comfort, and touch for Wheel of Consent work
  • My sessions are loving, and there can be emotional connection. I encourage open conversations about any emotional connections, and aim for any connection to be a way of opening better relationships and emotional connection in the client’s life. I aim to minimise any attachment to me