Would you like to find out more?

I know it can be a big step to make contact. It's completely normal to feel unsure or nervous. My role is to make the process easy and comfortable for you.

Usually we'll talk about any problems you want to overcome and what you'd like. And then we talk about what a first session might be like. Sessions are always tailored to suit you, so we can create a session together that feels right for you.

You can also ask me anything you like about me and how I work. It's important to know who you are working with if you are doing work around sexuality.

There's no obligation if you contact me - I'm happy to answer your questions and help you decide if working with me is a good fit for you. Then it's your decision - no pressure from me.

I'm looking forward to talking to you soon.
- Paul

A friendly chat on Zoom

Book a free, friendly chat on Zoom. I'll set aside an hour for us to talk about what you'd like and what kind of session might work for you.


Just give me a call on 07961 391 468. This is good for a quicker chat about what you'd like, or to book a session.


You can chat to me on WhatsApp. This is great for asking a few questions or booking a session.


Send me a message using my web form and I will answer your questions by email.