Beyond Orgasm: An Experience Report of Yoni Mapping

This is an experience report that one of my clients kindly wrote about her session. Everything is her own words…

Rediscovering Pleasure with Sexological Bodywork

For as long as I can remember, I’ve found it challenging to orgasm without a vibrator and even with a vibrator at times. I had never experienced other types of orgasms apart from clitoral ones, and this left me feeling disconnected from my full sexual potential. Especially as I consider myself a sensual person, I longed to explore my body and pleasure more deeply.

After getting in touch with Paul through his website, he offered a free initial phone call where we discussed my goals and intentions for working with him. Paul explained the various options available, like yoni mapping and tantric massage and how each could help me on my journey in a different way. His informative discussion and reassuring manner made me feel safe and excited to proceed.

The First Session: A Journey for Myself

During our first session, we began with breathing exercises. This helped me to relax and also revealed that I had a lot of tension in the area between my eyes. Paul leaned into this by asking what I think this tension is about and what kind of touch would help it. When I identified that a neck massage would help, he encouraged me to be specific about the pressure, strokes, speed, and location. Learning to ask for what I need with this level of specificity was awkward for me at first, but it became empowering as I became more confident in asking, especially as we approached erogenous areas of my body. I discovered that my back and inner thighs are particularly responsive, and non-sexual touches in these areas can lead to arousal.

One of the most enlightening parts of the session was when Paul helped me explore my vulva with a level of focus I had never experienced before. He isolated his touches to different areas, naming each part—the outer labia, inner labia, urethral and so on. Internally, he pointed out my G-spot and perineum. On my request, he tried different strokes and pressures, so I was able to pinpoint what felt most stimulating for my body

Throughout this process, I found myself asking numerous questions. “What motion are you doing with your finger here?” I would inquire, eager to understand the techniques and their effects on my body. “Is this part you are touching quite shallow near the opening of my vagina?” I asked, as we mapped out the sensations. This part of the session was an educational experience, helping me gain a deeper understanding of my anatomy and responses.

I began to notice the subtle sensations that I had often overlooked during my usual foreplay and sex, especially when using vibrators. The lighter touches that Paul used awakened areas of sensitivity I had never felt before. By the end of the this, I found myself reflecting on this newfound awareness, saying, “I feel like I haven’t felt my vagina until today.” This felt liberating and it was a significant step in deepening my relationship with my body.

In the last ten minutes, Paul shifted to a more intuitive approach, reacting to how my vulva responded to his touch. It was during this time that I forgot about my initial goal of achieving orgasm. Instead, I became fully immersed in the sensations, without the anxiety of aiming for an orgasm.

A New Perspective

Reflecting on this experience, I realized how much societal expectations and personal pressure had shaped my experience of sex and pleasure. I always approached sex with a goal-oriented mindset, where orgasm was the ultimate aim. This session showed me that it was both liberating and enjoyable to release the expectations of climax and simply be present with my body’s sensations. I’m excited to see how this new perspective will enhance my sex life, as I think it might allow me to enjoy intimacy without the constant pressure to climax.

Feeling Safe and Empowered

Throughout the session, Paul’s emphasis on consent and communication allowed me to feel respected and empowered. As Paul’s focus was solely on my well-being and benefit, there was no pressure to perform or meet any expectations. I think this session was not just about physical touch; it was about emotional healing and reclaiming my body. A part of me that didn’t know it needed healing felt healed to have this opportunity to articulate how I want to be touched and have them honored.

Looking Ahead

The first session has already started to reshape my understanding of pleasure and has opened up new possibilities for my sexual health and well-being. I look forward to future sessions with Paul where I can continue my sexual self-discovery. In particular, I would like to take a tantric massage and yoni massage with him as I’m curious to see how sexual energy can build up in my whole body and whether this will help me achieve orgasm in a new way.

If you’re looking to explore your sexuality, understand your body better, or heal from past experiences, I highly recommend booking sexological bodywork sessions with Paul.

Continuing your exploration...

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